I must admit that at first I was sceptic. I have heard about the professional Battersea cleaners and the other teams of the same company that work in other boroughs and districts thousand times. So many people have been telling me that I am insane neat freak and I need to finally hire a cleaning team that would do the dirty work while I am on a vacation or in the nearest park, chilling and enjoying the sunshine. But I was skeptical, that’s it. 8446600451_590a9cbc4fI didn’t believe that another person who doesn’t really know my house can come and make it shine faster and with greater success than I do. But it was all until our rent agreement ended and we needed to move out. I was super busy at that time with a project in work and I didn’t have time to take a breath and not to say to deeply clean a house.

Luckily, the members of my family are not as stubborn as I am and they planned everything. They have made the research and have found the very best Battersea Cleaners who have specialized in delivering services in our district mainly. We got a free personalized quote and knew pretty well how much we would pay. We were prepared and have packed everything. The house looked empty, but there were so many things to take care of. I left home the day they had to come and clean and was anxious that I would come home to find something close to a disaster. Those low expectations and the amazing jobs every person in that team had done create a miracle. I was surprised. I was left out of breath. The house was shining and my heart was full of joy.

There are some little things in life you need to have or do at least once. The black leather jacket is a total must have no matter what your age or figure or whatever is. The long seaside vacation is a must do, as well, sun, salt, breeze, sand, chill, perfection. A nice cup of coffee every morning that gives you the right amount of caffeine and pure pleasure is a must have and a glass of wine with a cuddle is something you just don’t have to miss no matter what. Yeah, these are those things that are so worthy that we love them lots. And somewhere in this list, well, no right between the high quality chocolate bar and a trip to Paris, but still somewhere in this list is the professional house cleaning. And if you are currently living in London, I am sure you understand. The life in this amazing city is a constant wander through the hustle and bustle of the million duties and things to do. That is why the good cleaning is just as worthy as a good car maintenance and visit to the dentist. It is needed a lot. But which of the many house cleaning different agencies offer is the must? Which is the best one indeed?

What we dream of for sure is perfection. We want to go home, to feel cozy and secure, to cuddle on the sofa with the person close to the heart. We want to lay on the bed and read a book. Or to enjoy the cup of coffee on the balcony in one of the few super sunny days in April. What we want in life is simple. The things we dream of are no conquering the world and no space travelling. The things we dream of are as simple as the warmth, the love, the comfort, the commitment. And in fact all these lead to one single place on Earth. And no, it is neither Paris, nor Rome. Because no matter how amazing these places are they are not your own place – they have nothing in common with your lovely, favorite and so wonderful home. And as you love it so much, you need to take care of it properly. And what does properly mean? Well, you need to maintain it in the best way possible. It is a two-sided kind of contract. You design, organize, and clean the house, and it gives you a reason to be nostalgic and to be inpatient to come home. But how to upgrade it? How to treat it in the best way possible? Are the random and traditional dusting and vacuuming enough? Well, surely not. You need something more reliable. You need a professional clean. But how would it improve your house indeed? Here are the top 2 obvious updates that you will notice right from the beginning.

The Quality

You are cleaning patiently and carefully and you strive for greatness. There is no doubt. But when it comes to result, you better be honest and admit that what you achieve is not always the very best. If you trust professionals, if you trust the skillful and well-trained experts, you will be amazed. Because what they deliver is nothing you expect. What they deliver is perfection, achieved in only a couple of hours, but so remarkable. The simple truth is that the professional clean offers you quality on a whole new level. This is quality you will never be capable of, but a quality your house deserves.


Having a large house is something everybody wants. Since we are small kids watching movies about princes and princesses who live in castles with hundreds of rooms, we dream of a spacious big house with a huge living room, at least four or five bedrooms, kitchen big enough for three professional cooks and a yard where a football team could train. However, what happens in the reality has nothing to do with what you dreamt of. The prices of the houses are constantly rising and […]

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